Firefox’s New Theme Starts Taking Shape on Linux


Work on the Linux version of Firefox’s new Australis interface is finally under way, as the latest UX builds of Firefox nightly show. 

The Australis theme aims to introduce consistent user-interface riffs across desktop and mobile platforms, but remain in keeping with the system it’s used on.

Now, before you get too excited it hasn’t arrived yet. What you see above is a snapshot of it working in the latest nightly UX build of Firefox.

The UX builds are separate to the standard nightly builds of Firefox so that user-interface experiments, tweaking and testing can be carried out.

Don’t expect Australis to rock up in a Firefox release quite yet; it’s yet to arrive in the Dev channel for Windows and OS X, and work on them is further ahead.

But, in the meantime, if you want to have a poke around with it you can find the latest UX Nightly behind the link below.

Firefox Nightly UX

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