Raring’s Smart Scopes Service Arrival Delayed, Coming April 1st

Raring testers expecting to find Ubuntu’s new ‘Smart Scopes’ feature landing on their desktops today (March 25th)  will be disappointed – it’s arrival has been pushed back to April 1st.

Although such delay will irritate many tester’s impatience streak, it’s fair to say that nifty new the feature is in need of some extra development time.

The experimental builds available through a PPA are, at the moment, more ‘Good effort!’ smart than ‘You’re a genius!’ smart.

Such is the nature of development; tracking work in progress means you really do get an overview of progress – from those early stages of ‘not working’ to the joyous moment where it’s ‘working well’.

And having played with these builds for a while, the feature is certainly edging ever-nearer to the latter.


If you’re interest is piqued in how the feature looks, below is a short real-time video of how the service is today, March 25th. If you’re viewing this on March 26th, April 3rd, or December the 29th 2056, you’ll want to seek out a more ‘up-to-date’ example.

Again, I stress that this is a development snapshot and not indicative of the final, finished product due in April.

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