Ubuntu 13.04 Winning Wallpapers Revealed

The winning wallpapers from Ubuntu’s bi-annual wallpaper contest have been announced.

Thirteen entries, chosen from a pool of over 300, have been selected for the honour of shipping in Ubuntu by default, alongside a tweaked version of Ubuntu’s default wallpaper.

Winter Fog by Daniel Vesterskov
Morning Sun on Frost-Covered Leaves by Gary A Stafford
Leftover by Sagar Jain
Cacomixtle Ubunteño by Carlos and Paula Morales
Blue frost by ppaabblloo77
Trazo solitario by Julio Diliegros
Stop the light by Mato Rachela
Brother typewriter by awdean1
Begonia by fatpoint21
Last breath … by Francisco Javier Epinoza Pérez
La Gomera by Alfonso Aguirre Arbex
Landing by Nic Dahlquist
Fleurs de Prunus 24 by Jerome Boivin


The images are yet to land in Raring itself but should do so in the coming day or so.

But whether you’re already on Raring and impatient, or an Ubuntu 12.04/10 user looking for something new to stare at on the desktop, all 13 wallpapers can be downloaded from Launchpad by hitting the button below…

Ubuntu 13.04 Default Wallpapers

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