HP 225 Laptop Lists Ubuntu As OS Option


HP are listing Ubuntu as a pre-installed operating system option for their forthcoming HP 255 Notebook.

The HP 225

The HP 225

Admittedly that, of itself, isn’t huge news. HP launched their first European Ubuntu-powered PC earlier this year in the form of the Pavilion 20 All-in-One PC.

But the 225, if sold in Europe as expected, will be the first HP laptop available with Ubuntu pre-installed.

Which is a bit newsworthy.

There are also a couple of other juicy bits that hardware-hounds will enjoy digesting from the datasheet:

Firstly, the 225 is listing its chipset as AMD’s ‘Kabani’. Thus far this has only been used in embedded devices, so this marks its first prosumer* outings.

Secondly, four ‘unannounced’ processors are listed: the dual-core E12500 and E23000, and quad-core CPUs A45000 and A652000.

*The 225 appears to be a business-oriented device

HP 225 Laptop Lists Ubuntu As OS Option OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.

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