Ubuntu’s Best Selling Apps for May 2013

The ten best-selling Ubuntu applications during the month of May have been revealed.

What hasn’t been revealed is a surprise. Stormcloud, a desktop-based weather app, remains the top-selling app on Ubuntu for the 5th consecutive month in a row.

This despite the forecasts shown being halved from 4 days to just 2 owing to a change in the Yahoo! Weather API.


Unusually there are no new entries in last month’s chart, but two Minecraft installers, MC Launcher ($2.99) & Mini Minecraft Launcher ($4), do make a reappearance.

Braid continues to sell enough to chart. Its appearance for May means it has now been in the Ubuntu’s Top 10 selling applications for 20 months in a row.

May 2013′s Top 10 Paid Apps

[App name/April Position]

  1. Stormcloud (1)
  2. Fluendo DVD Player (2)
  3. Filebot (5)
  4. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder (7)
  5. MC-Launcher (re-entry)
  6. Mini Minecraft Launcher (re-entry)
  7. Braid (8)
  8. UberWriter (6)
  9. Drawers (9)
  10. Bastion (10)

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