Ubuntu AIO – Ubuntu and derivatives on one ISO

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The plan is to bring Ubuntu and some of the official derivatives (Kubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Xubuntu and Lubuntu) on one iso file that can be burnt on one DVD or USB flash drive. Every one of them can be used as Live system, with no need of installation on hard drive, or can be eventually installed on computer for full Ubuntu or any other system experience.
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1 thought on “Ubuntu AIO – Ubuntu and derivatives on one ISO

  1. Milan Rajcic

    I just want to inform you that we extended our Ubuntu AIO project and it
    is now called Linux AIO and it contains Ubuntu AIO ISO, Linux Mint AIO ISO, Linux Mint Debian AIO ISO and Debian Live AIO ISO. You can find new releases and more details on linuxaio.net.
    Thank you for your support from Milan and Zeljko – Linux AIO team.


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