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New Linux Documentary Project Hits Kickstarter

Image Credit: fotois on Flickr

Image Credit: fotois on Flickr

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but some of you may remember me for my short lived “Download of the Week” article while I was working at Canonical. Others may remember me for my ill-fated post on Eucalyptus – trust me, I got the hint – I will never post anything unrelated to the consumer side of things again!

I may be working on Cloud software now, but Linux has always been my love, and I have spent the last number of months pondering something interesting I could do in that realm.

As I was wasting away hour after hour on Netflix (which can be viewed on Linux using this app), I came across a Linux documentary called Revolution OS.

It was quite a focused piece, delivered some quality information, and did a great job of introducing people to the concept of F/OSS by interviewing the godfathers themselves, such as Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux kernel) and Richard Stallman (founder of the Free Software Foundation).

However, a couple of things stuck out for me:

One, it is a bit dated now (it was made before anyone knew what Ubuntu was). And two, while it did a decent job showing the practical side of Linux by showing the early successes of Red Hat and VA Linux, I would have like to have seen more in that regard.

I quickly decided it was time for me to make my own documentary on Linux.

Linux Documentary 2.0

I plan to kick things off in the same vein as Revolution OS by introducing everyone to the concept of F/OSS. While this won’t be my focus, I would be remiss to leave this out as Linux wouldn’t be what it is today if it were proprietary software. I hope to interview Stallman, Linus, and perhaps others for this. I will also focus on the nature of the Linux community in this segment and hope the likes of my former colleague Jono Bacon and current colleague Greg DeKoenigsberg will help me out there.

“In the meat of the documentary, I want to focus on where Linux is in regards to its various uses.”

In the meat of the documentary, I want to focus on where Linux is in regards to its various uses such as on the Desktop, on the Server, in the Cloud, and on Mobile devices. For this I hope to interview my former bosses Michael Robertson, Kevin Carmony, and Mark Shuttleworth for the desktop end of things. For those who don’t know anything about Lindows/Linspire, you’re in for a real treat! On the server side, I will be reaching out to Red Hat, SuSe, and my fellow cohorts within Debian and Ubuntu.

Lastly, I will focus on where Linux is going.

Cloud computing is a rather nascent art right now, but Linux is leading the way both as a hosting platform and as the client service. Naturally I will be requesting an interview from my boss Marten Mickos, CEO at Eucalyptus and former CEO of MySQL, and others such as my former colleague at Canonical, Co-Founder of the OpenStack project, and current Project Lead for OpenStack Rick Clark.

“A hobby that spawned a revolution, Linux is everywhere. But where can it go from here?”

I don’t mean to name drop, but the one criticism the Kickstarter admins had was that I didn’t mention anyone I would be interviewing. I left this out intentionally as I didn’t want anyone contributing funds to see a particular individual and my not being able to secure an interview with that individual.

I can better explain here that these are the people I wish to interview, and I am very confident that I can gain an audience with them as I have worked for or with most of them in the past. The two very notable exceptions are Linus and Richard. I have a friend who can likely deliver Richard, but sadly, I have never had the pleasure of crossing paths with the man himself, Linus. If any of you out there are in his inner circle, go chip in 10 bucks first and then hook me up!

If you think a documentary about Linux would interest you, you can make it happen by pledging a few dollars to my Kickstarter campaign.

Linux Documentary Project on Kickstarter

New Linux Documentary Project Hits Kickstarter OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.