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Extra Games Added to Humble Bundle with Android 6

We’re one week into the latest Humble Bundle offer – the sixth in their  ’…with Android‘ series – which means it’s extra bonus games time!

Three extra games have been added to the Humble Bundle with Android 6:

  • Point & click fun with McPixel
  • ‘Action Gardening’ game Waking Mars
  • Physics-based puzzler NightSky HD

The addition of these brings the total HBA6 line up to 9 games – plus an Android-only exclusive.

All titles are available for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can, should you wish, be redeemed via Steam.

Getting The Extras

Already bought this bundle? You can get the new games by visiting your Humble Bundle download page (linked to in your receipt).

If you’re yet to buy this bundle you’ll need to pay more than the average price (hovering around $5) in order to get the full line up.

Humble Bundle Website

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Humble Weekly Sale Launches, Buy ‘Bastion’ for $1

Beginning with BastionThe Humble Bundle have opened a new game promotion deal: the Humble Weekly Sale.

Bastion Gameplay

Humble Roots

Since its inception, The Humble Bundle has raised both profile and quality of indie games alike. Their common model is to ship a ‘bundle’ of five or six indie games together, for a limited window of two weeks. You get to own the games for Linux, OSX, Windows, Android and Steam (all depending on availability). Most Linux versions are now available through Steam and the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Why is this special? Well, you choose how much you pay for this bundle. Anything above 1¢ is acceptable — give a million pounds if you can afford it! (although you’ll only get a Steam key if you pay above $1).

So what’s the catch? Only that if you pay above the average selling price, you’ll receive extra games — which doesn’t sound like much of a catch to me!

The Weekly Sale

Humble Weekly Sale logo

Tuesday 19th March heralds the start of a new type of bundle: the Humble Weekly Sale. This will get you just one game, but for only $1.

This should come as good news to anybody who has missed a particular bundle in the past and desperately wanted a certain game — although you’ll have to wait until it comes around!

How to get the extra goodies

But what is the real allure of these weekly packages? Just as the usual bundles, there is an average price threshold. Should you choose to pay above this, you will get a selection of digital Bastion goodies including the soundtrack, musical score, ringtones and art pack. This digital art pack includes all game art as well as unreleased pieces of the game.

If you are feeling really generous and pay $25 or more, you’ll receive a collection of Bastion merchandise.

The Importance of being Humble

Of course, promotions like this mean a lot to us. The team at Humble Bundle have greatly assisted us Linux users in building up a collection of high quality native games. Many ‘indie’ developers find it difficult to produce and publish a game for several platforms, but with the money from these bundles and the statistical proof that Linux users will pay for their games, more and more developers are taking the chance. You can divvy out your money how you like: some to the Humble team, some to a charity, and most importantly some to the developers.

Each week will bring a different game with new goodies, so keep your eye on!

Humble Weekly Sale

Extra Games Added to Humble Bundle with Android 5

humIt’s been the fastest selling Android bundle they’ve done – and now it’s just gotten sweeter as 3 extra games join the pay-what-you-want offer.

But before your gaming thumbs get overly itchy at the prospect of new games to play do note that all three of the extra games are ‘repeat’ inclusions.

The three titles, last included in the previous Humble Bundle for Android sale, are:

  • the future-retro audiovisual concoction, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • the cell-splitting microbial puzzler Splice
  • the creative physics puzzler Crayon Physics Deluxe

If you’ve already purchased the bundle you’ll get these games at no extra cost. Whether you paid a penny or a benjamin they are yours.

But if you’re yet to be tempted by the collection you’ll need to cough up more than the average price at the time of sale (at the time of writing it’s around $6.60 mark). 

This gets you all of the above plus the five titles already on offer:

  • the musically powered arcade shooter Beat Hazard Ultra
  • the 2-D stealth action game Dynamite Jack
  • the open world intergalactic Solar 2
  • the physics puzzle platformer NightSky HD

And the additional two ‘more than average’ titles:

  • the minimalist action game Super Hexagon
  • the tower defense RPG Dungeon Defenders

All 9 games are available to install form the Ubuntu Software Center. Follow the instructions on the e-mail receipt sent to you after purchase to claim them this way.

Humble Bundle with Android 5