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Revamped QML ‘Gwibber’ Shown Off

Ahh Gwibber…

Ubuntu’s default social client has been around for many years but depsite various revamps, UI changes, and re-writes it’s never quite shaken off the image of being slow, bloated, and unstable.

Hoping to change that perception – which hasn’t always been warranted – is a brand a new version of Gwibber rewritten in QML and making uses of a totally revamped backend called ‘Friends’.

Gwibber Timeline with reply in-line

Gwibber Timeline with reply in-line

Designed to leaner and meaner, Gwibber QML is touch-friendly, followings the Ubuntu Touch design guidelines, and offers features previously unavailable

You can see short demo of Gwibber QML (as i’m calling it for now) by hitting the button below.

Watch Gwibber QML Demo

Gwibber QML is still a sort of work in progress, so don’t judge it too harshly yet. But you won’t have to wait long until you can try it ou as Ken VanDine, the chief developer of Gwibber, is hoping to upload this shiny new version to Ubuntu 13.04 later this week…

Gwibber QML Input Box

Gwibber QML Input Box


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