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Ubuntu’s Best Selling Apps for May 2013

The ten best-selling Ubuntu applications during the month of May have been revealed.

What hasn’t been revealed is a surprise. Stormcloud, a desktop-based weather app, remains the top-selling app on Ubuntu for the 5th consecutive month in a row.

This despite the forecasts shown being halved from 4 days to just 2 owing to a change in the Yahoo! Weather API.


Unusually there are no new entries in last month’s chart, but two Minecraft installers, MC Launcher ($2.99) & Mini Minecraft Launcher ($4), do make a reappearance.

Braid continues to sell enough to chart. Its appearance for May means it has now been in the Ubuntu’s Top 10 selling applications for 20 months in a row.

May 2013′s Top 10 Paid Apps

[App name/April Position]

  1. Stormcloud (1)
  2. Fluendo DVD Player (2)
  3. Filebot (5)
  4. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder (7)
  5. MC-Launcher (re-entry)
  6. Mini Minecraft Launcher (re-entry)
  7. Braid (8)
  8. UberWriter (6)
  9. Drawers (9)
  10. Bastion (10)

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Ubuntu’s Best Selling Apps for April

Paper Tanks Close Up

‘War in a Box: Paper Tanks’ Sits at #3D

What follows is not deja vu, it’s the top 10 best selling apps on Ubuntu for the month of April (2013, for readers from the future).

Yes, for the fourth month in a row there is no change at the top of the chart. The $2.99 desktop weather application Stormcloud, which recently launched on the Chrome Web Store, remains Ubuntu’s best selling app. 



Stormcloud sold 182 copies during April – 40 sales up on that shifted in March, taking its 2013 total to 695 copies.

Elsewhere in the chart

But it’s not just the top of the chart that seems in stasis there’s also little change lower down the ladder.

Filebot, Fluendo, Braid and ‘War in a Box: Paper Tanks’ continuing to sell, with the latter three just changing by a single place on last months rankings.

There are two new entries: indie game Splice – best described as ‘Sudoku in a Petri Dish’ – charts at #4, and Uberwriter – a lightweight markdown text editor – clinches #6.

April 2013′s Top 10 Paid Apps

[App name/March Position]

  1. Stormcloud (1)
  2. Fluendo DVD Player (3)
  3. War in a Box – Paper Tanks (4)
  4. Splice (new)
  5. Filebot (5)
  6. UberWriter (new)
  7. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder (6)
  8. Braid (7)
  9. Drawers (re)
  10. Bastion (re)

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Ubuntu’s Best Selling Apps for April OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.

Ubuntu’s Top Selling Apps for March 2013

Umbrellas at the ready for another shower of discontent in the comments section: Stormcloud was once again Ubuntu’s best-selling app last month.

The $2.99 desktop weather client, which recently launched on the Chrome Web Store, notches up its third consecutive month in pole position.

Although many remain bemused by its popularity, it is nevertheless a strong draw to Ubuntu app buyers. Stormcloud sold 140 copies during March, bringing its overall total sales figure for 2013 to 513.

Elsewhere in the Chart

Following our review of it last month, tower defence game War in a Box: Paper Tanks crushes in at #4, its first appearance in the Top 10 since going on sale at the tail-end of last year.

Linux Tycoon Beta 2

Linux Tycoon

Braid and Machinarium continue to sit pretty in the chart at #7 and #2 respectively. If you read these posts every month you’ll know that Braid has yet to fall out of the top 10 since it went on sale almost 18 months ago – not a mean feat!

The only other game charting this month is Bryan Lunduke’s Linux distro simulator Linux Tycoon, which sells enough copies to grab #10.

Since the formal release of Steam for Linux it’s interesting to note that games no longer dominate the Top 10 chart as in the past. Predictable, for sure, but still interesting. Two of the five charting games this month – Linux Tycoon and Paper Tanks – aren’t available on Steam.

In the non-gaming space things are more or less the same as last month.

Filebot, a handy bulk tv show and movie renaming utility, jumps 5 spaces to #5; “Legal” DVD playback software Fluendo stays firm at #3; and the rather archaic looking ‘Quick ‘n’ Easy Web builder’ drops one spot to #6.

March 2013′s Top 10 9 Paid Apps

[App name/February Position]

  1. Stormcloud (1)
  2. Machinarium (2)
  3. Fluendo DVD Player (3)
  4. War in a Box – Paper Tanks(new)
  5. Filebot (10)
  6. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder (5)
  7. Braid (3)
  8. Legend of Grimrock (6)
  9. Mini Minecraft Launcher (re)
  10. Linux Tycoon (new)

You can track previous months charts using our Top Apps tag.

Ubuntu’s Top Selling Apps for March 2013 OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.

Desktop Weather App February’s Biggest Selling Ubuntu App


Desktop weather app Stormcloud was the Ubuntu Software Center’s biggest selling app in February. 

Made by prolific developers Caffeinated Code (Lightread, GradiatorNitro), the $2.99 app supports forecasts for multiple-locations, and various unit reporting.

This placing marks its second successive month as top app on Ubuntu, having previously shifted 229 copies during January to claim pole position.

Other Placings

Elsewhere on the chart we see January’s second placed title, racing game RC Mini Racers, fall from #2 to #8.

Fellow games Braid and Machinarium improve upon last month, while Bastion, Legend of Grimock and fall a few places.

Only one new entry sold enough copies to make the february list: TV show and Movie file re-namer Filebot.

Torchlight and MC Launcher both fall out of the Top 10.

February 2013′s Top 10 Paid Apps

[App name/January Position]

  1. Stormcloud (1)
  2. Machinarium (re)
  3. Braid (4)
  4. Fluendo DVD Player (6)
  5. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder (8)
  6. Legend of Grimrock (3)
  7. Bastion (5)
  8. RC Mini Racers (2)
  9. Drawers (9)
  10. Filebot (new)

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