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Ubuntu One Music Store to be Removed from Rhythmbox in 12.04, 12.10

Ubuntu One Music Store in Rhythmbox

Way back in the deep recesses of, er, January we told you that Ubuntu 13.04 would ship without a music store in Rhythmbox, Ubuntu’s default music player.

Not that many people seemed to notice at the time. But that news is today officially confirmed by Canonical.

But it seems that there’s an additional sting in the tail: the Music Store will also be removed from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Ubuntu 12.10 through a future update.

Changing Times

So what’s prompted this about turn? And why apply it retroactively? The good ol’ conflict between effort and reward seems to be to blame.

The plugin, Ubuntu One devs say, is a bit of a chore to maintain. And with an (arguably far superior) version of the store available online, few are still using the embedded storefront in Rhythmbox. The Online Store is even included as a default item on the Unity Launcher in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04.

So it’s being ditched. Erased. Axed.


The Ubuntu One Music Store Is Available Online

It’s a logical, sane, and acceptable decision. The Ubuntu One Music Store is available online in an arguably slicker presentation.

And, through the Unity Dash, music can be perused and previewed – though we’ll need to wait until Ubuntu 13.1o to add ‘purchased’ to that alliterative sentence.

The Unity Dash democratizes access to the store, letting anyone use it regardless of their music player choice. And the online store gives a much more enjoyable shopping experience than that offered by the Rhythmbox storefront.

What’s not Affected

But before anyone reaches for their flaming pitchfork let’s look at what isn’t affected by the change: the cool bits. Yep, the Ubuntu One Music plugin isn’t going away entirely, just the store front.

Music bought from the online store will…

  • continue to sync with Ubuntu One
  • still appear in Rhythmbox (if set up)
  • be available for music streaming subscribers

And the Ubuntu One Music Store can still be browsed from the desktop using the Music lens in the Unity Dash.

Ubuntu One Music Store to be Removed from Rhythmbox in 12.04, 12.10 OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.

In-Dash Music Purchasing Proposed for Ubuntu 13.04

In-Dash App Purchase Transaction

In-Dash App Purchase Transaction. Image credit: alecu83

This feature has now been postponed until Ubuntu 13.10. For more on the reasons why, see this post.

Ubuntu 13.04 wants to let users buy music from the Ubuntu One Music Store directly from the Dash – no web-browser transactions needed.

The ‘Payment Preview’ feature, currently proposed for inclusion in Raring by way of a Feature Freeze Exception, will allow users of Ubuntu One to purchase tracks and albums from within the Music Lens with just a few clicks.

‘Payment Previews’ can, Ubuntu say, also be used by other Scopes and Lens developers.

For the transactions to work users must already have Ubuntu One set-up on the desktop, be logged in, and have automatic payments enabled on their Ubuntu One account.

Files purchased from the Ubuntu One Music Store are automatically backed up to Ubuntu One and synced with the Ubuntu desktop.

The good/bad news (it’s up for you to decide) is that this feature may not ship by default in Ubuntu 13.04 because of its late arrival. It will be added to the Experimental Unity 7 PPA for wider testing shortly, after which a final decision will be made.

Whether or not the feature does land in Raring – and given the recent delay of Smart Scopes that’s by no-means a certainty – Payment Previews do show the potential of the Dash. Not just a one-stop-search spot, but a one-stop shop spot, too! It’s just a shame that features like this weren’t introduced sooner.

You can see the proposed feature in action in the video below.

In-Dash Music Purchasing Proposed for Ubuntu 13.04 OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.

Cloud Service Dashboard Jolidrive Adds Support for Ubuntu One

Unlock Ubuntu One Prompt

Ubuntu One Added to Jolidrive

Jolidrive, a dashboard for managing various online accounts including Dropbox and Google Drive, has added support for Ubuntu One.

The service, launched earlier this month, allows you to access, manage and view content from your various online services through one slick-looking dashboard.

But it’s more than just a collection of your files. Jolidrive comes with some neat features of its own, such as a cloud music player, in-view photo, file and website previews, and more.

Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, Soundcloud, SkyDrive, Box, and many others are already supported.

Ubuntu One support is also now available – though at present it’ll cost you a spam tweet – (‘speet?’) – to unlock it.

We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at Jolidrive, as well as the Ubuntu-based JoliOS, later this week.

In the mean time hit the link below to check the service out for yourself.

Visit Jolidrive Website


Ubuntu One via Jolidrive