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Microsoft Office Clone Updates Interface, Improves File Support


Kingsoft Office for Linux has been updated with an improved theme, new icons and improved file support.

The entire suite of applications are still in active development on Linux, but the makers, Chinese software outfit Kingsoft, are said to be pushing hard on development following the news that Ubuntu-based distro ‘Ubuntu Kylin’ was to become the ‘official OS of China’.

And this work is showing in the latest preview builds. The interface of each application has been refreshed, with a new look called ’Ongmani’ now default. Other themes are available, including the Windows Aero theme used by previous builds.


The icons have also been changed, no-longer looking like they were lifted straight from the Windows desktop. This subtle ‘de-Windows-izing’ of each application extends to various parts of the ‘Ribbon’.

A language selection prompt has been added on first-run. This fixes the biggest issue many non-Chinese users had with previous builds which required a hacky workaround to enable English.



  • Sidebar has been reworked to offer more options
  • Additional file support for: TXT, CSV, PRN, XML
  • XLSX file encryption and decryption support

Download Kingsoft Office for Linux

You can download the latest development release of WPS Office below. Note that the .deb installer below is for 32bit Ubuntu but it can be installed on 64bit using ia32-libs.

Download WPS Office for Linux (32bit .Deb)

Microsoft Office Clone Updates Interface, Improves File Support OMG! Ubuntu! – Everything Ubuntu. Daily.

WPS Office – A Faithful Microsoft Office Clone for Linux


When is Microsoft Office not Microsoft Office? When it’s actually a faithfully-crafted imitation, of course!

WPS Office, built by Chinese development group Kingsoft, claims to be the leading free office suite in China. And with such a familiar looking interface that’s not a difficult notion to swallow.

Three applications make up the suite:

  • Writer – Word processing application
  • Presentation – Slideshow presentation maker
  • Spreadsheets – Spreadsheet application

Each of the apps are incredibly familiar in look to their Microsoft counterparts.

Compared to other free offerings like LibreOffice, Google Docs, and Lotus Symphony, WPS has a distinct advantage: a lower learning curve for those already versed, trained, or used to the Windows apps.

Trivial sounding, sure. But for many the notion of having relearn what they already know fosters reluctance. WPS, with its marriage of free and familiar, has a good punt at solving this.


The Qt suite apes the interface of Microsoft’s ‘Ribbon’ interface, and whilst I can’t tell you whether it’s 100% accurate in its replication (I haven’t used Microsoft Office long enough to tell), it’s certainly authentic looking.

For non-Ribbon fans WPS Office comes with the option of enabling the old, menu-based Office look

"Classic Look" Enabled in WPS Office

“Classic Look” Enabled in WPS Office.

WPS Office also adds a few handy features of its own, including an online pool of document templates and the ability to edit multiple documents in tabs.

Biggest drawbacks: the release is beta; it sucks at opening .ODT files. Oh, and the entire interface is in Chinese by default (though reader Mohammed Sayanvala has a fix for the latter on his blog).

Download WPS Office Beta for Ubuntu

The latest version of WPS Office, a beta, can be downloaded for Ubuntu 32bit by hitting the button below:

WPS Office for Linux

Once the suite has fully downloaded double-click on the .Deb file to install through the Ubuntu Software Center.

After installation completes you’ll be able to launch each of the three applications through the Unity Dash.

On first run you’ll be prompted to sign up to.. Well, I don’t know because my Chinese is non-existent. Suffice to say, you can slap any old rubbish into the required fields and it’ll disappear.

I Ain't Telling You Nothing...

I Ain’t Telling You Nothing…