What is Unity?

What is Unity?

Unity provides a complete, simple, touch-ready environment that integrates your applications and your workflow.

Unity is designed for mouse, touchpad, and keyboard use. It includes a new panel and application launcher that makes it fast and easy to access preferred applications, such as the browser, while removing screen elements that are rarely used.

Unity has a vertical task management panel on the left-hand side and a menu panel at the top of the screen. Using a sidebar for task management conserves vertical screen space, which is much more valuable on today’s widescreen monitors. The task panel displays icons for commonly-used applications and programs that are currently running. Clicking on an icon will give the target application focus if it is already running or launch it if it is not already running. If you click the icon of an application that already has focus, Unity will activate an Expose-style view of all the open windows associated with that application.

Developer Information

Unity specific documentation is available on the Ubuntu Developer Portal. Here are the Unity-specific documents.

  • API documentation (C)
  • API documentation for using Python
  • Lenses Documentation – Lenses are elements of the Unity Dash that provide a UI to search both the web and application data. This documentation includes an overview of the API and sample code. We encourage you to make lenses for Unity; you can check out the list of community ideas for lenses if you want some inspiration.

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